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Welcome to the Law Office of Louis P. Milot in Peoria, Illinois

At the Law Office of Louis P. Milot, we are dedicated to serving those facing difficult legal challenges with our high standard of excellence and integrity. Our primary areas of practice have been concentrated into civil litigation, juvenile law, family law, estate planning and business consultation and representation. Our practice is limited to the civil arena in order to increase our competencies in a limited area so that quality service to our clients is not sacrificed. We are also able to maximize the benefit to our clients by capitalizing on our diverse experiences and unique perspectives.
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We employ a client-centric approach to our practice that aims to serve our clients beyond the ordinary. Our goal is to be proactive, not reactive and to craft cost-effective solutions for our clients. Do not be lured by promises of “free consultations”, “aggressive lawyering” or guarantees of success predicated on dubious claims of experience or professional prestige that leave you with too many unanswered questions, unexpected results or utter disappointment.
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When it comes to litigation, no attorney can guarantee you success and we are no exception but if you desire a frank, honest and intelligent assessment of your prospects and litigation costs, this is the firm for you. Our focused practice and actual experience is not a mirage but borne of hard work and dedication to the cause of justice.
There is a nominal charge of $50.00 for an initial 30 minutes consultation at the firm.
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